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HMF Truck Mounted Crane 1120-K

Download Brochure - 1120-RC-WTE


The HMF 1120-K Series

The HMF 1120-K with dual Power Plus link arm system, HDL-d speed adaptation system, RC-d proportional control valve with SC2 radio remote control for a very fast and precise handling. Fixed or variable flow pump.

This crane has up to 5 hydraulic extensions, and can be equipped with hydraulically extensible stabilizer beams and swing-up stabilizer legs (option).

A high performance hydraulic system, an optimized crane geometry and the RCL Safety System guarantee a highly efficient, very fast and safe HMF loader crane.

Can be equipped with HMF’s load-dependent EVS system monitoring and ensuring stability.

Superior strength and low tare weight, operational safety and a nice and wear-resistant design make this crane an extremely versatile and powerful working tool.

It has been manufactured in high-tensile steel and with its particularly low tare weight and the longest reach within its range of as much as 14.0 m the K5 version, there is a lot of power for lifting heavy loads at a long reach.