When working with loaders, safety is of vital importance. Indeed, accidents can lead to human and economic catastrophes.
Therefore, HMF offers the best safety to the haulier, thanks to the following security systems:

  • RCL – ensures the loader against overload
  • EVS ¬†ensures the necessary stability of the loader

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The RCL and EVS systems offer a higher degree of safety to the haulier, so that he can use the loader to its limits WITHOUT risking that the loader tilts, overturns or is damaged in any way.
That is what we call safety taken to the limit.


RCL Rated Capacity Limitation ensures your loader against overload and is a user-friendly and reliable electronics safety system, which is fitted as standard on all HMF loaders.
RCL 5300 is a simple and flexible safety system with various functions, to the benefit of the loader operator:

  • Load moment limitation
  • Control monitoring
  • Operation monitoring
  • Data registration
  • Simple connection of optional extras
  • Development possibilities with other control facilities

All this with one unique purpose: improving the safety of the user.

How Does it Work?

The system is made in such a way, that the user is warned at first when the loader is approaching an overload situation. If the loader reaches a permanent overload situation, the safety system interferes and stops all load moment increasing movements. The system interferes before things go wrong. The system indicates when the load on the loader reaches 80 to 100% of the capacity by means of a series of diodes on the control panel.

Improved Safety and better Overview

The RCL 5400 with various additional functions is fitted on the big HMF loaders and on loaders equipped with Fly-Jib, winch, radio remote control, etc, and offers:

  • More advanced load moment limitation functions by means of control valve sensors.
  • In case of overload, the diodes on the panel indicate whether the loader of the Fly-Jib is overloaded.
  • If the loader is equipped with winch, the system constantly carries out special monitoring of the winch. If necessary, the diodes and an acoustic signal warn the user or interrupt the energy supply of the winch.
  • Possibility to connect a test terminal or a PC.


EVS Electronic Vehicle Stability ensures the necessary stability for your loader. To this purpose, it monitors the stability and movement of the loader in relation to the actual stability of the vehicle.
If the vehicle stability reaches its limit, the EVS only permits stability increasing loader movements. The EVS system reacts with lightning speed and prevents the vehicle from overturning when stability is marginal.
No matter how the loader operator lifts a load, the EVS monitors the stability of the vehicle. The tare weight of the vehicle plus any payload are taken into consideration by the EVS system, which then calculates the stability of the vehicle. The EVS system increases the capacity of the loader to the limit of the actual stability of the vehicle, and thus the loader operator can use the capacity of the loader to the limit, in any situation, WITHOUT making any compromise on safety.

Best Safety Under All Conditions

Until now, safety systems have only been able to ensure the stability of the vehicle provided that the stabilizers were completely extended and lowered. The EVS is developed in order to ensure the stability in all working situations experienced by every loader operator every day e.g. when the stabilizer legs cannot be completely extended, or when the vehicle stands on a sloping surface.
HMF has again set the standard for modern truck loaders.

Safety Taken to the Limit
  • EVS offers safety when working with remote control, so the operator can concentrate on handling loads at long distances from the vehicle.
  • EVS is intelligent and far-sighted in ensuring the truck stability. If the loader is about to exceed the limit, the system warns and avoids an accident.
  • EVS makes it possible to operate safely without the stabilizer legs being completely extended.
  • The EVS system is available on all new HMF loaders equipped with RCL 5400.