HMF Truck Mounted Crane 1030-K

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The HMF truck mounted crane has become famous around the world for being the leader in tough, smart and powerful lift technology. The 1030-K mounted crane range focuses on combining practical solutions with maximum lift capacity and serious safety features.

The 1030-K, with its single link arm system, is designed to have excellent lift capacity, whether working close to the truck or at a distance. This reach and strength is combined with fast load times when using the grab function, making for a strong but efficient solution to lifting tasks. The 1030-K is also built with a hydraulic winch as an easy solution to lifting in high positions.

When working with maximum power, safety features become more and more important, which is why the HMF 1030-K is built with some of the best safety features on the market. Customers can choose between a number of adaptable stabilizer solutions including fixed stabilizer legs, manual swing up stabilizer legs or fully hydraulic swing up stabilizer legs. To control the balance and significantly increase working area the 1030-K also comes with HMF’s EVS stability system, which actively monitors and accounts for the vehicles load to ensure maximum control.

Besides its functionality the HMF truck mounted crane is built to last. Some of its major features include Zistaplex coating on all hydraulic surfaces, EQC surface treatment on painted areas and all stainless steel components made with corrosion resistant metal. In fact the HMF 1030-K is so tough it complies with corrosion class C4 or Marine Class corrosion resistance.