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HMF Truck Mounted KnuckleBoom 9520K-RCS

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HMF 9520-RCS – Knuckle Boom

Strength and Versatility in the HMF Large Crane Range

HMF’s reputation for strength, reliability and quality machinery is well deserved with the 9520K-RCS range. Made to last years of repetitive use the HMF Truck Mounted KnuckleBoom is made with high quality materials including ultra-high tensile steel and zinc-nickel or zinc-iron coated sub-components. This focus on quality and its unparalleled features make it one of the best truck mounted knucklbooms available on the market.

The HMF 9520K-RCS range is equipped with a high lift capacity while sporting reduced space requirements. HMF Truck Mounted KnuckleBooms have an industry leading power-to-weight ratio and can come with added features such as high capacity Fly-Jib and hoist solutions to better suit the job. If reduced space is what is needed then our customers can choose the OK-boom system which gives longer reach while reducing the space requirements by 20 centimetres.

One of the major advantages of the 9520K-RCS series is that it provides high speed with better control and stability. The knuckleboom has a 2-gear slewing system with torque up to 9000 Kgm, giving you both fast and controlled movement. The Progressive Crane Control (PCC) and Progressive Flow Control (PFC) systems provide excellent operator-independent safety features to ensure the security of your workers and payload.

Finally, the original EVS vehicle stability system provides dynamic safety features that account for things like the vehicle load, ground inclination and working speed, significantly increasing the working area of the crane. This combined with the improved user friendly interface makes it one of the easiest and most secure cranes to operate in the field today.