HMF Truck Mounted Crane 1010-RC

Download Brochure - 1010-RC

HMF’s 1010-RC truck mounted crane is designed to combine power and safety to create a practical and durable lifting solution for loading tasks.

HMF has built a serious reputation for creating some of the most powerful truck mounted cranes on the market today. The 1010-RC’s single link arm system, hydraulic hoist and minimum space requirements means that it can lift more and allow for more storage on the truck than many of its competitors.

The real ingenuity of the HMF product is its EVS system, which continuously monitors the load on the truck and includes it in the tare weight of the vehicle, allowing operators to obtain a larger working area, significantly increasing loading speed. Some of its other safety features include adaptable stabilizer legs and the RCL 5300 monitoring system, which keeps an eye on the load moment and other safety functions.

HMF are continuously improving their user experience, which means that the 1010-RC comes with a radio remote control, allowing the operator to control the mounted crane from anywhere in the work area. This makes it simple to get the right perspective on the load and ensure that it is safely stored on the truck for transport.

While HMF is legendary for its strength and safety, it is also renowned for the durability of its products. All the 1010-RC’s hydraulic components are sprayed with a zinc-nickel surface treatment and its steel components are all made to be corrosion resistant. This means that the HMF 1010-RC system complies with corrosion class C4 (Marine Class).